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How to apply MOF license in Malaysia?

In order to obtain any government projects or jobs, the very first thing you need to do is to register your company with Ministry of Finance (MOF), or commonly known as to apply MOF license.

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In order to obtain MOF license, the following are needed to be submitted as supporting documents:

  1. Latest 3 months Bank statements
  2. Latest 3 months KWSP statements
  3. Company profile stating the details of all directors & shareholders
  4. 1 sets certified true copied form 49, 24, 44, M&A and Borang 9
  5. 1 copy certified true copied for Board Resolution that open bank account
  6. Kod Bidang for the businesses
  7. Photocopy IC for all directors
  8. Relevant academic certificates for directors, if any
  9. Commissioner for Oaths / Attestation on all relevant academic certificates
  10. S&P for office (if purchase) or Tenancy Agreement for office (if rented)


Generally, it will take only a week to obtain the license from MOF, provided that all documents are in place & in order.

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