Accounting and

TAZ & Co.

is ready to assist in the preparation of the full set accounting services to all types of business which require a proper and complete set of accounts. Our qualified accountants experienced in various industries and excellent in high professional ethic will deliver reliable services to ensure effectiveness and efficiency for your business operations and financial management. The accounting records are prepared using computerized accounting system.

Accounting Services

  • Setting up accounting process and system

  • Accounting policies formulation

  • Monthly or yearly bookkeeping services

  • Preparation of profit projections and cash flow forecasts

  • Payroll services

  • General accounting advisory

  • Consolidate of Group Accounts

We offer tax services which comply with the rules and regulations set in the Income Tax Act 1967. We have qualified staff with high professional ethics and expertise who would provide you with excellent consultancy and bring growth to your businesses with innovative tax planning opportunities.

Tax Compliance

  • Personal Taxation

  • Business Taxation

  • Employer Taxation

  • Sales & Service Tax

Tax Advisory

  • Tax efficient employment package

  • Tax structure

  • Tax audit and investigation cases

  • Sales and Service Tax (SST) and Goods & Service Tax (GST)


Tax Services

  • Personal tax computation

  • Partnership tax computation

  • Corporate tax computation

  • Tax audit and investigation

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